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3 Great Ways To Save On Office Energy Costs

Let’s face it, reducing costs is the main objective of any business because only through this can they manage to deliver quality products and services to its customers at an affordable price. In the attempt to realize this, many organizations make major organizational strategic changes which may involve high capital investments. The electricity bill is one of the biggest expenses for any corporate entity and on a busy month of work the bill might sky rocket to thumping amounts. By making a few simple changes in the workplace you can significantly reduce the cost of electricity and thereby allocate organizational funds for more important activities. Let’s go through 3 such ways in which you can save energy in your office.

Switch to cloud storage

According to a survey done in the year 2010, a small business organization with about 100 users is able to reduce its carbon foot print by around 90% if they make the move to cloud storage from physical computer servers. This is understandable because of the high units of electricity consumed by the servers, their cooling systems, the many accompanying computer units and of course the power usage by the lights and air conditioners of the workspace where the specialized IT personnel must work. With the help of a business IT services provider, you too can acquire the desired space in a cloud system and pay only for the space you use.

Replace and repair

The traditional offices of the last decade relied heavily on desktop computer units. Today we have a better alternative, laptop computers. Among its many advantageous features such as taking up very little space, portability and light weight, they also provide the great long-term benefit of savings resulting from low energy consumption. Most laptops use only 15-60 watts which is far less than that of a desktop computer. Over its useful life, such a device is sure to bring about impressive savings. To make sure that the devices work efficiently and consume no more than the energy they are supposed to the organization can conduct examinations and computer repairs Hobart if any faults are detected.

Double glazed windows

The atmosphere within an office has a direct impact on the productivity of its employees and as an employer it is your responsibility to make sure that the internal atmosphere is maintained at just the right condition to bring out the best of your workers. However, doing so requires leaving the air conditioners working for hours and hours and under the scorching heat of the Australian sun, you will have no option but to set the temperature to the lowest possible degree which will use up a lot of energy. Double glazed windows are of revolutionary design which uses two glass panes in between which a vacuum layer is present. This ensures that only the light of the sun penetrates into the office and not the excess heat. You will be able to recoup the initial investment in a matter of 2 or 3 years after the installation.

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