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Importance Of Clean Beaches

A beach is a place where we all like to visit, it is an ideal place to relax your mind, to enjoy with your loved ones, play awesome sports and so much more; but we don’t realize that every time we visit the beach, we leave some things behind which contribute to environmental pollution and the death of endangered species. Leaving plastic and polythene items in the beach is what you’re doing wrong. It is a lesser known fact that the ocean plays a major role in the water cycle to provide us water to drink and that a large amount of oxygen is released by aquatic plants for us to breathe.

Humans need to stop releasing harmful chemicals from factories and sewage into the sea, if we want the beauty of Mother Nature to last. Rare animals such as sea turtles and sea birds attracts tourists to the beach. It is a responsibility of all of us to take care of our precious mother natutouristsing dirty beaches will not only damage wild life but also drive away tourists. Take a look at this a perfect training and testing centre that can cover your needs.

How to use the sea as a source of income

A majority of people living near the shore, use the sea as a source of income. The first thing that will pop up into anyone’s mind is fishermen going off to the sea to earn a living. Fishermen risk their life for their job. Their boat has to be take good care of, the person who drives the boat needs to have a boat permit and fishermen are not allowed to the sea if there are signs of a rough sea. The sea food industry can be a great way of income and also tourism. Investing on a hotel to provide the tourists food and accommodation will bring in a decent amount. You can also rent or sell surf boards, boats, fishing rods etc and if you know the neighbourhood, you can serve tourists as a local guide.

Ways not to pollute the beaches

It is very important to take action against environmental pollution. Cleaning up the beaches has to start from you, to set an example to the others. Don’t throw away plastic bags and containers in the beach but always collect them to get them recycled because plastic is non biodegradable. Plastics will break into smaller pieces which will absorb toxic chemicals, that are later ingested by wildlife making these harmful chemicals enter the food chain. You might not be knowing, but the toxic chemicals might have already entered your blood stream. Reduce the use of plastic items and buy items with less / no plastic. Spread the word to your friends and family. You could also volunteer to organize a beach clean up day.

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