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Major Web Development Challenges You Just Cannot Ignore!

Technology develops day by day, what you saw last week might seem so out dated with what you get today. With this development, web applications also goes through major changes. New libraries and tools come out daily. While this brings out new opportunities it also brings out complexity, businesses need to face these in order keep them going in the market.

So what exactly are these challenges?Over-saturationWhen the App Store first came into being, it was a huge opportunity for mobile app developers to put their product in the market. There was a very little competition back then, but now they are over 1 million apps in that store and only about 10 of them a financially successful. Likewise, web applications go through the same issue, as a web developer how do you overcome this challenge?SpeedOne thing no user seem to have is patience, it is found that over 30% of users have abandon websites as it takes more than 4 seconds to load. Think about it! 4 seconds we are talking about here, this does put business in a very tough place, while the user demands apps rich in features which are typically slow in running they expect the web design Carrum Downs to be loaded fast as well.SecurityAlthough security features seems to be on the rise, web application security seems to be not improving. The security application is becoming complex day by day, the challenge is, how do we plan on minimizing security threats on our sites and keeping up to date with it make sure every layer of your web application is secure?IntegrationHow do you combine applications together? Here’s an example, considering the flexibility your business application might be lying outside the firewall and you may be using in-house tools and host their website on the cloud. This really does improve flexibility, how exactly are you planning on tying everything together? Today’s challenge for developers isn’t creating the application but integrating it all together.TalentWith the massive development and rapid change that comes with it, developers need to be ready with the ever-changing skill set. If you are still doing things with the knowledge you got from your degree, well you might as well say goodbye to your career now. The issue that comes to businesses is finding a develop who is skilled with the modern changes, you need find someone who is ready to battle out the security, integration, design and every challenge that comes in your way.

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